VMO Rupture Repair

“Mizuta & Associates is a great place to do your rehab because they have extremely knowledgeable and professional physical therapists. Many therapy places you might choose will have you working mostly with a technician, but at Mizuta you get one-on-one therapy with one of their physical therapists at every session. This is great because I had a unique injury by tearing my MCL and completely tearing my VMO. There is no standard way to rehab this injury, so Dr. Ericka Mizuta and Dr. Beth Miller worked closely with my physician to create a plan specific to my needs in order to fully recover. Dr. Miller has been great at providing me with exercises and support that are helping me see great improvement each and every week. They are incredibly flexible to work with your scheduling needs, which is important with a crazy work schedule. The ladies in the front office are very friendly and will help you answer any of your insurance questions or scheduling needs. I have nothing but good things to say about Mizuta and Associates and their professional staff.”