Physical Therapy Without A Referral

Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Californians Chose to Self-Refer

Physical therapy without a referral/prescription (Direct Access) was passed by the state of California in 2013.  By definition it is the ability to see a physical therapist without a doctor referral/prescription.

Patients that qualify: Only PPO insurances and cash patients. PPO insurances must be verified and state that they will pay for services without a referral/prescription (most PPO insurances will).  At this time, Medicare, HMO’s, military insurance, lien/auto, and workman’s compensation all require a doctor referral/prescription and these patients cannot utilize direct access.

Limitations: 12 visits or 45 days of treatment whichever comes first.

If you are evaluated by a therapist and it is known that your rehabilitation will take longer than the 12 visit/45 day rule, our office will refer you to a specialist to be evaluated so that you may obtain an actual referral/prescription  for care beyond the direct access period.

Direct Access Chart