Bilateral Knee Pain


“After years of sports, high heels, and life-in-general, my knees revolted and I experienced the sudden-onset of constant, moderate, knee pain that interfered with my daily activities, exercise, and sleep patterns. I also had a desert hiking vacation planned and was concerned about how my knees would hold out. My orthopedic doctor referred me to Mizuta and Associates Physical Therapy for treatment. I worked with a therapist for 5-6 weeks prior to my trip to rehabilitate my knees and strengthen my legs, with the goal of a virtually pain free hiking trip. While on my hiking trip, I used the exercises and stretching activities that were provided, and after 60+ miles of hiking varying difficulty and terrain in one state park and five national parks, our goal was accomplished! I was virtually pain-free during my trip and several months later, I continue to be. Everyone at Mizuta and Associates was welcoming and easy to work with. Thank you, I am ever grateful for your services!” – J.K.