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What are the benefits of Physical Therapy?

Credible San Diego physical therapists

If you have hurt yourself or had surgery there is a good chance that you have a prescription in your hand to visit a physical therapist. Let us enlighten you on the reasons why physical therapy is beneficial and how we can help you regain function.

Where can I find a good San Diego physical therapist? What is a DPT? Physical therapy is a dynamic health profession, which utilizes both scientific knowledge and evidence based clinical practice. Most physical therapy programs are now Doctoral education programs. Your therapist might have letters after his/her name reading “DPT.” This means he/she has gone through 4 years of undergraduate education, followed by a 3 year post-graduate program. DPT is not to be confused with MD or PHD, it is a clinical doctorate. The doctorate program is longer than the original master’s program, includes more clinical education or internships, a focus on evidence based practice, and prepares physical therapists to accurately recognize and treat conditions that may require further medical treatment.

What will I do at my appointments? The main objectives of physical therapy are to promote body strength, function and mobility, and prevent future physical injury. In physical therapy sessions you will learn about the problem that you are having and the cause of your pain. Your physical therapist will examine you and determine where you are lacking muscle strength, range of motion, joint mobility, and determine functional problems. He or she will then design a comprehensive program for your body to help correct imbalances and help reduce or eliminate your pain.

Your therapy will include exercises, stretching, pain relief, conditioning, modalities, and manual therapy. It is the combination of the various items of your program AND your home exercise program that add up to a great recovery. Do not hesitate if you have a prescription to see a physical therapist. We are confident we can help you achieve your goals and live pain free!

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