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Physical therapy can improve energy loss, fatigue and post-surgical mobility issues after cancer tre

Energy loss and fatigue are side effects commonly associated with receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment; these side effects can affect your body upwards of six to nine months following treatment. However, your experience will be unique to another person undergoing the same treatment, as every individual will respond differently; the same can be said for different treatments as the contributing factors to fatigue will vary from one cancer treatment to another.

In recent studies, research has proven that energy loss associated with cancer treatment can contribute to other common ailments such as depression, joint pain, overall muscle weakness and numbness and tingling in the hands or feet. Any of these symptoms can affect your activities of daily living such as dressing, eating, and bathing. If you are experiencing any of these deficits, it is very important to keep an open dialog with your treating physician.

Physical therapy can help with reducing the common ailments associated with cancer fatigue. Regardless of which cancer treatment or surgical intervention you receive, it is important to exercise afterward to reduce progression of fatigue and joint restriction. For example, if you have had a mastectomy you may notice decreased range of motion in the surgical arm, or increased numbness and tingling in the hands. Physical therapy is then designed to maintain flexibility and strength in the arm and shoulder joint with mild and easy exercises. Since everyone has an exclusive experience on their journey through cancer treatment, your physical therapy program should be the same; at Mizuta & Associates Physical Therapy we will distinctively design a program with exercises that are right for you.

If you enjoyed regular exercise before being diagnosed with cancer, or if you are looking to improve daily function, the physical therapists at Mizuta & Associates Physical Therapy can help you begin an exercise program based in research and proven to help regain your quality of life. Individualized exercise, along with periods of rest built into your day, may boost your energy and you may notice some areas of your life will feel “normal.” You may find that exercise will help reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve your appetite. Call your health care provider for a referral to Mizuta & Associates today.

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