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Tired All The Time Syndrome In San Diego

While it is normal to experience fatigue and energy loss with increased stress at home or work, usually a good’s night sleep will reverse this issue and an individual will usually awake feeling less stressed and tired the following day. If you have problems getting rejuvenation after a normal night’s sleep and wake up feeling tired and without energy or have increased fatigue all day it is possible you may have something called TATT, or Tired All the Time syndrome. This condition is increasing possibly due to the growing use of computers by day and iPads or cell phones and computers by night. This ritualistic behavior can cause poor habits which contribute to a multitude of health risks.

Some health risks include but are not limited to- poor posture, frequent headaches and chronic muscle pain. This spirals into poor performance at work, memory loss, inexplicable depression, and decreased concentration on tasks.

TATT is not to be confused with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia in that there is usually a cause associated with feeling tired all the time. Some causes of TATT can be from wrong diet, sedentary lifestyle, sleeplessness, or too much stress. A few changes in your routine can help decrease the feeling of fatigue and being tired all the time.

Some changes involve getting up from prolonged sitting position every hour for 5 mins. Take frequent breaks looking away from your computer screen to give your eyes a break. Adjust the lighting on your computer screen to a dimmer setting to allow the eyes to relax from overexposure to light. Regular exercise, at least 20 mins three times a week can help lessen body aches and increase energy level. Relaxation and meditative techniques can help calm the body. Before beginning any exercise program or change in diet, it is important to consult with your primary care physician. Sometimes supplemental services such as acupuncture, massage therapy or herbal supplements can do more harm, therefore it is important to consult with a physician prior to changing your habits.

Physical therapy is a great way to help combat signs and symptoms associated with TATT once cleared by a doctor. Our therapists at Mizuta & Associates can evaluate your work station set-up and ergonomically redesign it to effectively improve posture and relieve muscle soreness. Basic exercises and stretching will help to improve posture made through small changes in awareness with everyday tasks. A therapist can also derive a beginner level exercise program to jump start energy levels to avoid increased fatigue.

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