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Easy Workplace Stretches to Perform to Prevent Pain

If your 9-5 sitting and computer job is causing low back, neck, or arm pain here are a couple of stretches that may help. With all these stretches, you want to hold for 30 seconds at a time and try to perform at least 3 repetitions for each side. One of the best things you can do for your body if you sit all day is to get up and stand. If possible, try and work one of these stretches in to your workday routine every 30 minutes to an hour. Set a timer if you need help remembering.

Standing doorway pectoralis stretch: This stretch is for the front of your chest which tends to get tight with computer work all day. Perform this when you walk through a door at work or at the edge of your cubicle if you have one.

Wrist flexion/extension stretch: Particularly good if you spend a lot of time typing.

Standing calf stretch: This is for your calves, which when tight can contribute to back or knee pain. This stretch is also a good excuse to stand up.

Upper trapezium/neck stretch: This is easy to perform in sitting, but perform it standing to give yourself a sitting break.

The most important aspect of preventing occupational pain is to keep yourself from sitting for too long. Take standing breaks every 30 minutes to an hour and uses these stretches as an excuse to do so. If you forget, set a timer to keep you up and moving throughout your day.

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