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Bankart Repair of The Shoulder

A Bankart lesion is common with anterior shoulder dislocation and can contribute a great deal of shoulder instability. When the shoulder dislocates or “pops” out of the joint it can tear the attached joint capsule and the labrum (a thick band of cartilage attached to the glenoid bone. It lines the shoulder socket and helps keep the ball of the humerus/upper arm bone in place). Patients with a Bankart lesion will have symptoms that include clicking, catching, pain, feeling of instability, and feeling of weakness.

A Bankart Repair is done arthroscopically and the goal of the procedure is to re-attach and tighten the torn labrum and ligaments. The surgeon will use sutures and bone anchors to secure it in place.

Tightening Torn Labrum and Ligaments of the Shoulder

After surgery, Physical Therapy is indicated to ensure that the patient returns to their previous level of function. Physical Therapy usually does not start until 4 weeks after surgery as the first phase of healing required by the surgeon includes immobilization and use of a sling that fixes patient in the proper alignment of efficient healing. The next phases focus on improving the range of motion, stability training, and strength training to return to high levels of activity.

Shoulder Anatomy

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