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Letter To Medicare Patients

Mizuta PT brings physical therapy treatment to your home as a convenience. Each of our physical therapist travels with the necessary equipment needed to give you quality one on one care and a personalized hour PT session. Our physical therapists are able to guide you to navigate your home safely and provide functional ways for you to perform your assigned home exercise program.

Our front office will verify your Medicare and supplemental insurance benefits to make sure you do not owe anything for physical therapy. We may contact your doctor’s office to obtain your referral as needed. We are able to send notes to your doctor to keep him or her updated with your progress.

Mizuta PT’s model is different from Home Health physical therapy. We are an out-patient mobile physical therapy practice. Certified home health companies specialize in patients that are “home bound” meaning that they are not physically able to leave their home or have significant problems doing so.

If you are having pain or contemplating surgery, please call our office at 619-564-7120 Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm to see how Mizuta PT can help.

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