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Telehealth PT to Avoid COVID-19

As the COVID-19 outbreak invades the communities across the US, Mizuta PT offers another solution to keep our patients feeling secure and protected. We offer telehealth physical therapy visits in the setting of your choice –either through laptop, desktop with web camera, smart phone, or smart tablet. With telehealth physical therapy, our patients can avoid contact with others and still get effective treatment.

To set up a telehealth visit, call our front office at 619-564-7120. We will verify your insurance benefits and let you know if there is a financial responsibility. We will schedule your appointment with a licensed physical therapist and send your doctor your physical therapy treatments notes to keep him or her updated with your progress.

At your scheduled appointment time, go to our website page: and click on your physical therapist’s badge. By doing this, you will enter a virtual waiting room, and your physical therapist will receive a notification to start your treatment. He or she will enter the secure (HIPAA compliant) medium and your telehealth session will begin.

For more information on physical therapy through telehealth, please visit our website page and reach out to our front office for more details: 619-564-7120.

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