Physical Therapy Via Telehealth

What is telehealth?
Mizuta PT telehealth is seeing a healthcare provider in the setting of your choice either through a laptop, desktop with web cam, smart phone, or a smart tablet.

Why choose telehealth?
-Patient convenience (expanded hours, not being able to leave work to see a therapist, bypassing traffic, seeing a specialist that is not in your immediate area).
-To obtain accurate medical advice from a Mizuta physical therapist instead of using “google” to find out if the problem is best treated by physical therapy or another specialty.
-Choosing telehealth will allow patients full access to medical care at home, office, or traveling.
-Allows Patients to achieve goals no matter where they may be.
-Telehealth may also be used to bypass wait times at other clinic and gain more immediate access to healthcare.

Who qualifies?
Any patient diagnosis can be evaluated by a licensed Mizuta & Associates physical therapist and begin treatment with a specifically designed treatment program. When appropriate more
telehealth follow ups may be scheduled with Mizuta PT or the you may be referred to an MD or other healthcare specialist if their condition warrants.

Is telehealth my only option?
Mizuta PT offers on site care as well. A physical therapist might recommend a hybrid program where the patient starts treatment through telehealth, switches to “in person” visits, and then goes back to the convenience of telehealth at the end of the treatment to progress their program and meet their goals.

Do I need to be in San Diego in order to have a telehealth visit?
Since all of our physical therapists are licensed in the state of CA, as long as the patient is a resident of California with a California address, the patient can be treated by one of our therapists through telehealth. At this time we are not able to offer services in any state other than California.

What are some of the common problems treated through telehealth?
Neck pain, ergonomics, back pain, post pardum weakness, torticollis and plagiocephaly, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder
pain, foot and ankle pain, sport program training assessments.

If you can take a selfie, then you can be treated through telehealth!

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