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“Increasing Your Daily Productivity”


A large number of careers demand daily computer use. Increased hours of computer use often leads to aches and pains that are preventable and due to improper ergonomics. The therapists at Mizuta & Associates are trained to evaluate workstation set ups and correct problems. Our ergonomic workstation evaluation includes an on-site assessment of your current set up, a written report of potential problems and solutions, adjustments to the workstation set up, and before and after pictures. Read below for common ergonomic problems that may prevent you from being as productive at work.

Carpal Tunnel

With the increasing usage of computers, cell phones, and tablets, we are using our hands and wrists to communicate more. Because of the increased use the tendons in the wrists and hands become overused and cause increased discomfort in the wrist joint. The carpal tunnel consists of the median nerve and eight tendons running through a protective sheath. If this sheath is compressed or the tendon swells due to overuse, the nerve sends a signal of pain, numbness, tingling, and decreased strength to the hand.

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome may consist of oral medications, physical therapy, and alternative therapy such as yoga. Some doctors will prescribe a wrist brace which puts the hand in thirty degrees wrist extension. This is considered a neutral, functional position for the wrist so the individual can still work and use their hands throughout the day without pain or discomfort. After about 2-6 months of conservative treatment, a physician can determine whether or not surgical intervention is necessary. Refer to our Post-Surgical Rehabilitation section to read more detail about the surgical procedure and rehab process involved with carpal tunnel surgery.

Cervical and Lumbar Pain

Neck, Arm, and Back pain: Many of our patients have desk jobs and sit for eight hours or more per day. Sitting in the improper position at work can cause many problems. Proper ergonomics are essential to decrease the incidence of neck pain, carpal tunnel, and back pain.

There are many orthopedic problems that are caused by a non-optimal ergonomic workstation set up. Having an improper positioned mouse can cause neck pain and rotator cuff pain. A computer keyboard that is not set up in the correct position may cause pain in the hands or compression of the median nerve which is classified as carpal tunnel. Low back pain is caused by a chair that is not adjusted properly.

Mizuta & Associates treats patients that have a desk jobs by fully evaluating their posture at their desk and making recommendations of the proper body mechanics and sitting posture as related to their job. These patients will also undergo a normal course of physical therapy for their condition which may include stretching, positioning, strength, and manual therapy.

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