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Tips To Stay Well During COVID-19

1. Stay home - social distancing will help flatten the curve.

2. Use telecommunication options - use telehealth options to meet with your healthcare providers. Use video call to stay in touch with friends/family.

3. Wear a mask when outside - use mask to cover your mouth and nose when outside and trips to essential stores.

4. Limit trips to stores - if you are higher risk, stores may have special shopping hours for you. Try to have a list of items you need to avoid making multiple trips in a week.

5. Use delivery options when possible - Amazon and food delivery through grocery stores and restaurants are always a good way to go. Make sure to sanitize the outside of the package or bag.

6. Keep taking your current medication - no data suggests an association between any medication and COVID-19 clinical outcomes.

7. Watch for early symptoms - if you show signs, consult medical attention.


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