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Exercising On Summer Vacation

Time after time, patients go on vacation and come back to physical therapy reporting they weren’t able to do their exercises. Summer vacation is no excuse to let the exercising slip through the cracks! Bring small equipment with you as you travel. A Thera-Band is the most commonly used piece of equipment patients use at home. The Thera-Band can be used for patients who have injuries of the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. It is made of a stretchy rubber that easily molds into small spaces. Most hotels have a fitness room. This is great for patients who need to warm up on a stationary bike, for patients who use an exercise/stability ball, or loosen up muscles on a foam roller. Even a door

Why do I need to see my doctor first?

The Direct Access law allows you to seek physical therapy treatment without a referral from a medical provider. Many states in the U.S. have Direct Access in place, including the majority of the western states; however, California has yet to pass this law. Without Direct Access, you, as a patient, are denied the right to seek treatment by a physical therapist; you must first obtain a referral from a medical provider. Typically the bill is voted on once a year, the most recent being on August 31, 2012. Until this law is passed, if you intend to utilize your health insurance benefits, you must see a medical provider before going to a physical therapist. This applies to ALL insurances, rega

ACL Rehabilitation After Surgery

“Can physical therapy help me return to sports after I injure my ACL?” When patients injure their anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, it is often due to high stress related to sports activity; however, if the ligament is compromised and overextended, injury can happen with a quick, abrupt change in direction or fall. A typical ACL injury is done when the patient hyper-extends the knee. The weight of body and force of impact cannot be supported by the internal ligaments of the knee. Patients usually experience a popping sound accompanied by pain and swelling. Once a patient has been diagnosed with a positive ACL tear, the patient will undergo surgical repair using an autograft from their o

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

“What is the difference between hip resurfacing and a hip replacement?” The Birmingham hip resurfacing technique was designed as an alternative to Total Hip Replacement Surgery (THR). Both surgeries are used to alleviate pain caused by a degenerative hip joint. The procedure consists of placing metal cap, which is hollow and shaped like a mushroom, over the head of the femur (thigh bone) while a matching metal cup (similar to what is used with a THR) is placed in the hip socket. This effectively replaces the surfaces of the hip joint that make contact with one another. The potential advantages of hip resurfacing compared to THR include less bone removal , decreased chance of hip dislocatio


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