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Pilates San Diego

Pilates is a form of exercise that strengthens the core and torso muscles to provide a solid foundation from which the extremities move. The exercises that are used for rehabilitation purposes and home programs can easily be performed on a bed or the floor. This type of Pilates is known as “mat Pilates”. In the last few years, there have been studies done on the effectiveness of Pilates to treat orthopedic conditions. There have been multiple conditions that have been proven to benefit from Pilates. These include back pain, post total hip replacement, multiple sclerosis, stroke, lumbar stenosis, as well as athletic injuries. The Pilates form of exercise targets many deficits that are often f

How Medicare Changes Affect Your Physical Therapy Treatment

We all use the New Year as an opportunity to implement change into our lifestyles, and Medicare is no exception. This year Medicare has implemented some change, impacting nearly 50 million Americans who participate in Medicare programs. At Mizuta & Associates Physical Therapy, we have a number of patients enrolled in various Medicare programs that allow access to health care. Medicare is issued to people 65 and older as well people under 65 with permanent disabilities. Medicare is broken up into separate “parts,” with each part covering different types of services. In dealing with physical therapy benefits, we ask Medicare patients if they are enrolled in Part B. Part A covers hospital care

Torticollis and Plagiocephaly Treatment San Diego

Torticollis and plagiocephaly are neck and skull disorders that present in infants that cause dysfunctions in head position and appearance. Torticollis is a neck issue in infants that presents as a head tilt while plagiocephaly is when the head becomes a parallelogram shape due to forces on one side of the skull usually because of a torticollis. Infants that have torticollis will have a head tilt to one side and a neck rotation to the opposite side. Many times, they are not able to move their heads out of these positions due to muscles that are either too tight, weak, or both. There are multiple causes of torticollis including head position in utero, trauma during delivery, muscle imbalances

What are the benefits of Physical Therapy?

Credible San Diego physical therapists If you have hurt yourself or had surgery there is a good chance that you have a prescription in your hand to visit a physical therapist. Let us enlighten you on the reasons why physical therapy is beneficial and how we can help you regain function. Where can I find a good San Diego physical therapist? What is a DPT? Physical therapy is a dynamic health profession, which utilizes both scientific knowledge and evidence based clinical practice. Most physical therapy programs are now Doctoral education programs. Your therapist might have letters after his/her name reading “DPT.” This means he/she has gone through 4 years of undergraduate education, followed


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