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Essential Equipment
for Wellness

Recommended Products for Patients 

Explore our carefully curated selection of health and wellness tools designed to support your journey towards well-being. Each item has been chosen to enhance your overall experience and empower you in managing your health. Whether you're looking for fitness essentials, relaxation aids, or tools for daily health monitoring, our recommended products ensure quality and effectiveness. Click on the links below to find the perfect equipment to complement your wellness routine.

Work Out Clothes

Resistance Bands 

WALITO Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt, Fabric Exercise Loop Bands Yoga, Pilates, Rehab, Fitness and Home Workout, Strength Bands for Booty


Cupping Kit

LURE Essentials Edge Cupping Therapy Set - Cupping Kit for Massage Therapy - Silicone Cupping Set - Massage Cups for Cupping Therapy (4 Cups, Blue)

Resistance Bands

WHATAFIT Resistance Bands Set, Pull Up Assistance Bands - Workout Bands Exercise Bands - Resistance Bands for Working Out, Chin Ups, Powerlifting, Home Workouts


Half Foam Roller

Yes4All High Density Half Round Foam Roller Support Pain Relieved, Physical Therapy, Back, Leg and Muscle Restoration, 12", 18", 24", 36"

Foam Balance Pad

Balance Pad, Foam Balance Pad, Balance Pads for Physical Therapy, Balance Fom Pad for Fitness and Stability Training, Yoga, Physical Therapy (Blue, 2 inch)


Gel Ice Pack

Chattanooga ColPac Reusable Gel Ice Pack Cold Therapy for Knee, Arm, Elbow, Shoulder, Back for Aches, Swelling, Bruises, Sprains, Inflammation (11"x14") - Blue

Massage Cream

Free-Up Professional Massage Cream, Fragrance-Free, Great Glide, Lubricity, Tissue Perception, Perfect for Physical Therapy, Massage Versatile, Non-Greasy, 8 Oz Jar, Made in The USA



TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit with Accessories - TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator for Back Pain Relief, Shoulder Pain Relief, Neck Pain, Sciatica Pain Relief, Nerve Pain Relief

Balance Ball Kit

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit - Includes Anti-Burst Stability Exercise Yoga Ball, Air Pump, Workout Program


Shoulder Pulley

RangeMaster BlueRanger Shoulder Pulley w/ Patient Guide, Aids Recovery, Rehabilitation & Range of Motion | Metal Bracket (FSA/HSA Approved)

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