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in home physical therapy san diego

Mizuta & Associates PT is a mobile physical therapy clinic that brings physical therapy treatment to the patients as a convenience.  Each physical therapist travels with the necessary equipment needed to give our patients quality one on one care and a personalized session.  

For in home physical therapy, our PTs are able to guide patients to navigate their homes safely and provide functional ways for patients to perform their assigned home exercise program.  Some of our patients are treated at the park or at their place of sport to assess mechanics of sports activities and drills.  This allows optimal rehabilitation for athletes or higher-level patients.  

Mizuta PT’s model is different from Home Health physical therapy.  We are an out-patient mobile physical therapy practice. Our patients choose to be treated at home, work, or other location due to convenience and privacy.   Certified home health companies specialize in patients that are “home bound” meaning that they are not physically able to leave their home or have significant problems doing so. 

With every physical therapy referral, Mizuta PT verifies the insurance benefits to let the patient know the financial responsibility before scheduling in home physical therapy in San Diego, CA.  We send notes to the referring provider to keep him or her updated with your progress.  

Please call our office 619-564-7120 or email to get started. 

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