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Pilates San Diego

Pilates is a form of exercise that strengthens the core and torso muscles to provide a solid foundation from which the extremities move. The exercises that are used for rehabilitation purposes and home programs can easily be performed on a bed or the floor. This type of Pilates is known as “mat Pilates”.

In the last few years, there have been studies done on the effectiveness of Pilates to treat orthopedic conditions. There have been multiple conditions that have been proven to benefit from Pilates. These include back pain, post total hip replacement, multiple sclerosis, stroke, lumbar stenosis, as well as athletic injuries.

The Pilates form of exercise targets many deficits that are often found in orthopedic populations. Some of the problems that Pilates addresses are decreased hamstring flexibility, balance, posture, energy level, pelvic floor weakness, patients with decreased range of motion, and joint stiffness. In addition there are other benefits of Pilates. These include building strength, helping to reduce injures, and enhancing body awareness.

Anyone who is interested in trying Pilates for the above mentioned benefits should be taught by a trained therapist. There are many components of Pilates that should be addressed during teaching. Some of the most important components are breathing, that all movements must begin from the core and “navel to spine” must be maintained, proper spinal posture must be maintained through all movements, and that the movements should focus on precision and control. If all of these principles are applied to the practice of Pilates, the exercise is much more effective.

Please contact our clinic if you are interested in starting a Pilates program either as a preventative or rehabilitative exercise.

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