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Exercising On Summer Vacation

Time after time, patients go on vacation and come back to physical therapy reporting they weren’t able to do their exercises. Summer vacation is no excuse to let the exercising slip through the cracks!

Bring small equipment with you as you travel. A Thera-Band is the most commonly used piece of equipment patients use at home. The Thera-Band can be used for patients who have injuries of the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. It is made of a stretchy rubber that easily molds into small spaces.

Most hotels have a fitness room. This is great for patients who need to warm up on a stationary bike, for patients who use an exercise/stability ball, or loosen up muscles on a foam roller. Even a door handle can be used to do band exercises. Balance exercises can be done on BOSU balls. Make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to use the bigger equipment that comes with a fitness room or the simple parts of your hotel room to do your exercises.

Summer is a perfect opportunity to exercise outdoors. If you had an ACL reconstruction, labral repair, or even if you are recovering from an ankle injury; take a nice bike ride on the board walk. Even a walk around the block can get the blood flowing. Make sure to stay hydrated and make the best of summer vacation. Don’t forget your exercises!

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