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Mizuta & Associates Gives San Diego Dancers Advice on Injury Prevention

Mizuta & Associates would like to extend their gratitude to the City Ballet Company for a very warm receptive welcome of Nicole Fox, MPT. Nicole was invited to give a presentation on injury prevention for ballet dancers. She and her assistant, Mary, who both have many years of experience in ballet and other forms of dance, thoroughly enjoyed providing information and demonstrating the potential risks for injury to the dancers, who ranged in age from ten to twenty-eight. As Nicole described the different injuries, Mary demonstrated certain positions and movements to further aid the dancers visually.

Nicole began by elaborating on injuries that could potentially occur, what could contribute to them, and how, in some cases, even a simple adjustment of position can prevent injury. She explained how a ballet dancer can experience injuries from the toes all the way to the neck, to include key areas such as: the ankles, shins, knees, hips, and shoulders. Most of the dancers indicated they have had a dance related injury at some point in their career; however, the most common complaint among the dancers was ankle sprains, shin splints, and snapping hip syndrome. The dancers were fully engaged in the presentation and their enthusiasm to participate was encouraged and welcomed, as many of the dancers had questions. Nicole was pleased to answer their questions, and she explained to the dancers how physical therapy can help restore a dancer to his or her prior level of function.

For any dancer, from beginner to professional, who experiences pain and or difficulty during or after dancing, he or she is advised to seek medical attention from a physician. Secondly, we recommend requesting a referral to Mizuta & Associates Physical Therapy; for a physical therapy program designed just for you. See how our physical therapists can help restore your function and allow you to return to dance.

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